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Pharma franchise company in Baddi

Baddi is a well renowned place for pharmaceutical business. Due to the increase in demand of medicine in today’s world, the industrial area of Baddi which is well known for the Pharmaceutical Industry as there are many established Pharmaceutical brands has reached new heights. PCD pharma is a franchise model, full form of PCD is Propaganda cum distribution which means pharma companies manufacture their own brands and search for wholesalers already friendly with the Pharmaceutical segment and the one who have Drug licence with them. PCD companies usually work in the distance marketing segment, which have the goal to increase sales. Pharmaceutical industry had grown almost 30% when Covid- 19 came into existence because almost all the sectors except Pharmaceuticals and healthcare were not given permission by the government. Pharma PCD company in Baddi.

Pharma PCD company in Baddi

Also, PCD pharma franchise is now one of the easiest ways to start working in pharma with minimum investment. The one who has a pharma licence can take franchise of a PCD company on monopoly basis and can start their own business.

Most of the Medical representatives who are working in Pharmaceutical companies have the opportunity to start their own business. Also, they can work part time without quitting their job. By working with pharma franchise companies in Baddi one can be his or her own boss.

There are many pharmaceutical manufacturers also which are having their PCD divisions and are working with the wholesalers directly without involving any marketing company due to which they are able to sell the Pharmaceutical products at low cost, which is demanded all over India.

Pharmaceutical Industry of Baddi is one of the most reliable and rapidly growing industries throughout India. The companies have a wide range of Pharmaceutical products and categories. Some categories or range of PCD pharmaceutical products are mentioned 


Range of Pharmaceutical products-

  1. General range -having all regular used medicines
  2. Ayurvedic or herbal range- having medicines made of herbs
  3. Gynae range- gynae range is prescribed for ladies only
  4. Paediatric range- This range is preferred only for small children
  5. Neurology range- this is generally prescribed for problems of nervous system
  6. ENT range- ENT stands for Ear, nose and throat

The above-mentioned range is most commonly used in PCD pharma franchise business. These ranges have types of medicines like Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Injectables etc. Pharma PCD company in Baddi

 Pharma franchise business is a model in which Pharmaceutical companies provide flexibility to franchise owners for investing less and also they can work with other companies also which attracts the customer and increase their willingness to work under this segment. Pharma franchise companies in Baddi are well known for the quality of medicines they are manufacturing and are most effective when it comes to impacting the body. This will increase the demand of medicines of companies situated in Baddi, Himachal pradesh. Pharma franchise model helps the young generation to become entrepreneurs which makes them self dependent and gives them opportunity to grow and earn more. 

In the PCD segment, pharma marketing companies provide promotional material also to the franchise owners so that they can also get a good response from the market to sell the product. These promotional inputs include visual aids, bags, LBL’s, Order books, Pen stands which helps in marketing and increasing sales. 

Health is the most important factor in everyone’s life. Pharmaceutical industry provides immediate cure when a person suffers from bad health. This situation prioritises the need of the Pharmaceutical industry throughout the country. Pharmabuffet is a well established name in Pharmaceutical Industry which helps in providing options of the manufacturers as well as the marketing companies to the franchise seekers. Pharmabuffet is a B2B platform in which we have many Pharma franchise companies of Baddi, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Karnal, Yamunanagar and Delhi. Pharmaceutical companies situated in Baddi need genuine customers who are willing to take PCD franchise, Pharmabuffet provides the best suitable option for the Pharma franchise seekers as well as the Pharmaceutical marketing companies. PCD pharma franchise requires less financial investment and high margins for the pharmaceutical distributors so that their brand can easily enter the market and sales can be maximised. 

 There are many industrial giants which are having their manufacturing units in Baddi.Some are explained as under-

Some of the Pharmaceutical companies in Baddi-

  • Lifevision healthcare- This Pharmaceutical company mainly focuses on manufacturing as well as PCD basis. They have a wide range of products which they are serving in the market of India. They are having their manufacturing unit in Plot  no. 140, epip, phase-i, jharmajri,Baddi, solan,Himachal Pradesh. THis company is a PCD pharma franchise in Baddi offering their services from last decade.
  • Aspo pharmaceuticals LLP- This manufacturing unit situated in Baddi has a wide range of products for third parties and is also doing exports. In Covid -19 situation they have done extremely good business in the Sanitizers segment by which they explore multiple brands. They are located in Plot Number – 10, Himuda Industrial Area, Bhatoli Kalan, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Ultra drugs pvt ltd.- They have their unit in Baddi, Nalagarh Bypass Rd, Manpura, Himachal Pradesh 174102. Due to their quality and competitive pricing they have a huge customer base. They are having very good brand names in the Pharmaceutical segment.
  • Lifecare neuro products ltd.- This company is situated at 70/1 Dharampur, Sai Rd, near Export Promotion Zone, Housing Board Phase-3, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh 173205 and has a wide range of PCD products. Their marketing skills of promotions are very good and are having good sales due to that. 

 Most of the companies are having good product range as well as professional working criteria which helps them to grow as a PCD brand. There are hundreds of Manufacturing units in Baddi and also a good number of PCD companies due to which Industry in Baddi is growing. Due to the increasing demand and supply of medicines, investors are entering the Pharmaceutical industry which at last helps the consumer because if Supply of medicines increases then the customer will get the medicine at low price. Pharma PCD franchise in Baddi

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