How does the Pharma Franchise company work?

A Pharma franchise company is a term that is defined as permission granted by a government or company to an individual or group allowing them to carry out specified marketing activities, for example working as an agent or marketing or sale for a company’s outputs.

What is the procedure to be a franchise / PCD of a Pharmaceutical Company?

Different companies have different policies and terms & conditions for appointing franchises, so here it is difficult for providing an accurate procedure. Few Pharma companies provide state-wise franchise, some give zonal wise but most of the companies provide a district-wise privilege.

  • Choose molecule you want to market
  • The select company you want to take a franchise
  • Ask them whether they have vacant for your area or not (recommended send queries to 4-5 companies)
  • If vacant, ask them to send a product and price list
  • Finalize the best possible franchiser for yourself
  • Make marketing agreement with mutually agreed terms and conditions
  • Start working with your new associates

How much investment is required to own a franchise/PCD of a pharma companies?

Few franchise companies have a target system and minimum order requirements but most Pharma franchise companies in Chandigarh don’t have any target or minimum order requirement. Start with companies that don’t have any least order terms. You can start with less than 10000/-per month. It’s not a big amount to start your own work.

Documents Required to Start Pharma Franchise?

You will require mainly two documents. One is the wholesale Drug License Number and the second is the GST registration number. These two documents can be fulfilled by own or by appointing a distributor/Stockist.

How much one can earn through Pharma franchise marketing?

Pcd Pharma franchise in Chandigarh is you like own business. It depends upon you, how much you grow it. It’s your capacity to sell products. As we consider it roughly approx. equal to 20% of MRP of stock but it can vary product to product or vary according to your way of working. With one lakh of primary sales, you can earn approx. 16000 to 40000/- per month you can earn.

How does the Pharma Franchise/PCD business works?

Basic things in Pharma franchise companies in Chandigarh and marketing are not so complex. It is as easy as you select a distributor for your pharma Franchise company in Chandigarh that will also do marketing for you along with shipping and supply.

The manufacturing cost for a molecule will be the same in all situations whether it is moral medicine or franchise medicine. For example, if the cefixime manufacturing cost is X/-. It will be the same whether you are going to sell it in an ethical market or franchise/PCD market or generic market. What does make the rate difference are marketing and distribution expenses?

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