PCD Pharma Franchise

pcd pharma franchise
PCD Pharma Franchise

What is the PCD Pharma franchise?

PCD stands for Propaganda cum Distibution. In the Pharma industry, it is used for distribution and marketing. It is the franchise business of Pharma and called PCD Pharma Franchise. In which you sell others products with their brand name. In this type of business, you work as a Distributor. The company gives you their products you just have to distribute their products to wholesalers or shopkeepers. Moreover, you are the only one in that area who have that brand of products. So, there is no other competitor in your area.

How do I get a PCD franchise?

There are lots of companies that provide PCD pharma franchise. You have to find your nearby pharma franchise provider. You can search for them online. Moreover, there are many other portals like Pharma Buffet which provides you best PCD Pharma franchise.

WHO GMP certified pharma companies in India?

There are lots of WHO GMP certified PCD pharma companies in India. In which some of the PCD Companies are mentions below.

  1. Fortune Lifesciences
  2. Zatropha Pharma
  3. Philanto Healthcare
  4. Gemmed Lifesciences
  5. Lambert Pharmaceuticals
  6. Madlyn Biotech
  7. Veewin Healthcare
  8. Sehwin Healthcare
  9. Medilente Pharma
  10. Allen Dale Biosciences

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How can I start a pharma franchise?

If you want to start a business Pharma Franchise. Firstly, you have to select the best PCD Pharma Franchise Company. Then you have to submit your mandatory documents like distribution license, GST certificates, etc. When you are done with this or they approved your documents then you sign an agreement with the company.

After that, they will share their products list and prices. You just have to select the products according to your market needs. For this, you have to understand your market. When all these processes complete and you gave your demanding products list to the company, then they will full fill your order. You just have to distribute these products to wholesaler or shopkeepers.

How does the pharma franchise work?

If we talk about the working of the pharma franchise company then the working is very simple. In this, you just have to meet the PCD pharma franchise company. Submit your documents to the company. Stock their products in your warehouse by which you can easily distribute those products to wholesaler and shopkeepers. In this, you have to fulfil the demand of the market because the competition is very high.


In short, if we talk about should we have to do pharma franchise business? Then, its answer is Yes. Because nowadays its a fastest growing business. Although, in this, you don’t have to promote your business. The company will promote their brand by themselves. You just have to distribute the products. I hope, this will help you to choose smartly your business industry and will help to grow your business in the pharma industry.

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