Emerging challenges with PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India

PCD Pharma Franchise Companies- Well, getting new challenges is very spontaneous for any segment Similarly Pharmaceutical industry is also experiencing new challenges on daily basis. This Article Raised the challenges with PCD Pharma Franchise in Chandigarh and gets you the exploitation of those who have been grown in the last few months. Apparently, Humanity has been facing a pandemic since December 2019 and it has been more than one and half years since it consecutively pounded us with pain and how more no one can predict. 

  • The pharmaceutical segment is the only segment that has been operating day-night and the rest were closed temporarily. Pharmaceuticals have come through various tough challenges while facing the pandemic and pandemic is still producing challenges for the pharma industry world wildly.

There are the following challenges experienced by the pharma franchise companies in India.

  • Shortage of raw materials 
  •  Import/export of medicines
  •  Black Marketing 
  •  Pricing
  •  Fraudulent Activities 

Shortage of Raw Material:-

  • It is widely experienced by pharmaceutical manufacturers in India. In India, PCD Pharma companies have been depending on foreign countries like the USA, China, etc. for their requirement of raw material for manufacturing of medicines for decades. During the Covid pandemic, Demands for medicines in the market were at a peak even still is there. Pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh largely depends on foreign suppliers for the raw material.
  • We have noticed during the pandemic How America has refused to provide Indians pharma companies with the raw material. China had also increased its prices suddenly and left Indians PCD Pharma Companies in trouble. Indian Pharmaceuticals has faced a huge decline. A large portion of this occurred in India during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • To get Rid of such problems. It is very necessary or we can say mandatory for the Indian govt or other regulatory drug controller authorities of India to find out the solutions. For such problems to happen again and reduce dependency on foreign suppliers.

Import/Export of medicines:-

  • Few Countries have seen the covid pandemic as an opportunity to make money. As we have discussed earlier that china has enhanced its raw material rates as well the European countries have banned the Indian-made vaccine.
  • They were only allowing those people at their place who were having vaccines of their origin. So we need to stop those incidents. There should be guidelines or standards by WHO or other respective UN bodies to stop such activities.

Black Marketing:-

  • Black marketing is been experiencing daily wise in India. Even while emergency situations in India Few narrow mid-set people still making money by practicing black market activities.
  • Lots of incidents come to light while the second wave of covid hits the country. Few PCD companies in Chandigarh were extensively involved.
  • They have kept the stakes high when it is necessary to a large extent in the marketplace for profit. Once the price goes at peak they come out with the medicines. This is like cancer for society, not everyone is performing but a few. It has impacted the people, hospitals, govt, society very badly. It is very necessary for govt to stick these practices to a minimum level.


  • A Significant Factor that is hitting pharma franchise companies in India Badly. Drug prices often change. What are the reasons? Govt of India and the Drug Controller of India has been approving the large numbers of PCD Pharma Franchise or people to start PCD pharma Franchise Company business even after they are not matching the criteria and pharma standards.
  • They just fielded themselves into pharma to make money which is resultant to not proper servicing or caring of medicines. Such practising is not only impacting the people but the PCD Pharma Company who run the business under the umbrella of Guidelines of govt of India and Drug Control 

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