Ideal product list for Pharmaceutical Company

The individual product range is required for any pcd pharma company. Whether you are running a Pharma manufacturing company or operating a PCD Pharma Companythe selection of the correct product list has always a prime role in the success or failure of the business. Two types of molecules can be given by any pcd pharma company. One is the latest products which are good for competition and second is running products which are liable for a good business. So any start-up pharma franchise company needs to make a product list keeping in mind the above-given points. We are here offering you an example for making a proper product list for your PCD Pharma Company.

We are here providing this suggestion for example purposes only. You can create your product list as per market demand, budget, and business strategy. Following given factors are also liable for final result selection.

Product list for Pharmaceutical Company

Seasonal Products– Some goods are known as seasonal products because their need grows in a distinct season only. For example, anti-malarial medicine, anti-cold drugs, and cough syrups are seasonal products. They can boost sales in the season but also sometimes remain in stock as non-moving products.

Product Trend– Like any other business market, pharma is also an innovative company market. New, innovative, and more powerful drugs can increase business aims easily. So it is always useful to carry proper research before getting the final product list.

Antibiotics– Antibiotic product has always huge demand and they can cover a large part of the sale but due to tough competition, they provide a lesser margin. You need to remain updated on your antibiotic products as per market trends and government policies.

Antacids– These medicines are also high-selling products. Most maximum doctors guide antacids with many multivitamin pills. Some doctors guide Omeprazole, some guide Rabeprazole or Pantoprazole. 

Multivitamins– These are also medications that can provide a good margin and huge sales. Some well-known names are Ginseng, Biotin, Babilona, Lycopene, and many more prescribed by doctors.

Injection– Medicines are also high selling form of pills. They can provide low margins but have a high rate of consumption. Some Pharma Franchises are supplied directly to clinics and healthcare centers.

Drops– Eye and ear drops are another form of medicine that can provide an edge over competitors because not all pcd pharma companies have eye/ear drops in their product list. Some companies are managing separate divisions for this section.

Ayurvedic and Herbal Products– Ayurvedic goods are making your product list complete. Some ayurvedic products must be included in your product list at least pain oil, liver tonic, or gynae products can be included. 

How to Continue in the Market with Pharma Franchise Concept

A franchise is one of the most important business types in the pharma division. The scope of the pharma franchise is rising with the growing number of marketing professionals, moreover, healthcare professionals are also contributing to it but the numbers of PCD Pharma Companies are also increasing with the growing population and making it a highly aggressive business segment. Once you have successfully selected a franchise for your pharma franchise company, you can extend your business to the next level more easily. For stable growth, you have to work regularly. Just add a new franchise promptly because sometimes the old one will stop working with you for any reason.

Pharmaceutical marketing and selling types

Here are many types of marketing and selling business strategies that are ready in the pharma division. Some are provided as below:

  • OTC Marketing
  • Institutional Supply i.e. (corporate hospitals, dispensaries, government, pharmacy chains), etc.
  • Online Pharmacies sell
  • Generic Drug Marketing
  • PCD Pharma Franchise

Pharma Franchise: In pharma franchise marketing, you will find out area-wise pharma franchise/ distributors on a monopoly basis. These franchise partners sell your pharma goods in their allocated division either through brand marketing or general marketing. In this method, you don’t have to appoint a marketing or sales team but market your products with the help of franchise partners, who are responsible for product marketing and distribution. In this method, you don’t have control over the sales team because they work under individual pharma franchisees but simultaneously you can cover the whole country without investing in the sales force.

Conclusion: These above are the main type of marketing and selling your pcd pharma products. You can just choose the best suitable business method as per your knowledge, skill, and expertise The above-given products are a good choice but you can also add skin and derma range if you have a good budget. Similarly, Liquids and syrups are also important. The ideal product list should contain capsule, tablet, liquid, drop, syrup, soft gel, injection, sachet, ointment, and ayurvedic products.

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