How to become a pharmaceutical distributor in Chandigarh?

Pharmaceutical distributors in Chandigarh are a great business to start with. However, starting your business requires a lot of tasks to ensure. You must be well aware that the pharma industry is the fourth largest industry in the world. When it comes to volume, this industry stands tall among the top-notch industries. If you are watching to become a pharma distributor in Chandigarhyou have made the right decision.

However, there are specific things that you need to get assured of. You have to follow all the regulatory compliances to start your business. However, to be a component of this industry, you don’t need to set up a vast manufacturing space. Instead, you just need to obtain the monopoly based PCD pharma franchise. The process of starting this business is not very tedious. This post comes up with all the procedures and requirements to start your pharmaceutical distributorship by helping you get everything seamlessly.

pharmaceutical distributors in Chandigarh

Legal requirements 

The import, manufacturing, and medicine distributorship are those businesses that fall under the Drugs and Cosmetic Act provisions. There are different provisions for drug classifications under diverse schedules. Thus, if you are launching your distributorship business, you must get your license issued. The central drug standard control regulation or state control body issues you the license.

Further, that’s not the end yet! As dealing with medicines involves life risks, the person who wants to achieve the distributorship must have a valid license. If you are applying for the distributorship license, you must ensure that you have a diploma/degree in pharmacy. This shall also be from a recognized institute of India.

Further, the license applicant must also ensure that he/she is having at least one year of experience in dealing with drugs.

GST registration 

If you are doing any business in India, GST registration is a mandatory step that can never get ignored. Similarly, if you are starting your Pharmaceutical distributorship in Chandigarh, you need to ensure that you have your GST registration. This is an obligatory requirement for all businesses.

Documents required for getting the license

  • Application form in the required format
  • The covering letter holding the name and designation of the applicant
  • Challan copy along with deposit fee for getting drug license
  • Declaration form by the applicant in the required format
  • The site plan that includes the blueprint of the premises
  • Proof of possession of the business place; it can include rent agreement/lease agreement
  • Business incorporation certificate/partnership deed/MOA to know the business constitution
  • Affidavit for a full-time appointment of an enrolled pharmacist or any equivalent resource
  • Affidavit that states the non-conviction of the director

A space of business is necessary while filing for the license 

If you are applying for a monopoly based pharma company licenseyou need to make sure that you have a business place. Although, this is a mandatory requirement to furnish.


In conclusion, Wrapping up, this is how you can start your own Monopoly PCD pharma franchise. Now that you are clear with all the requirements, you can apply and get your license immediately.

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